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I share my journey of healing to show you that your life is absolutely worth living.

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Bringing Hope and Compassion to Survivors of Trauma

Ruthless Compassion with Dr. Marcia Sirota

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My approach is informed and inspired by the time I spend working with people in very difficult circumstances – jails and prisons, homeless shelters, residential treatment centers, and human service agencies. I discovered that within those individuals, living in terrific pain and struggle, lies a store of inner strength.


I am a trauma survivor, hope evangelist, and space holder. I know what it feels like to feel trapped, hurt, and caught in a cycle of pain.


I also know what healing looks like. I hope that my healing can become your survival guide. 


I would be honored to help you honor and revise your story.

Everything you feel, the symptoms you experience, the way you navigate relationships, struggle with addiction, feel like your heart is breaking.

If you feel anxious, overwhelmed, stuck, collapsed, please know that you are NOT broken. You are whole and complete. I can help you become open to a way of being that allows you to see yourself from your inner source. We can shift your relationship with the world to open up new degrees of freedom. You are already divine. It’s the human part that is so challenging.


I attended Boston University and Marymount University, and hold a degree in Developmental Psychology. I received my Somatic Experiencing Certification through The Embody Lab.


I am a member of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology. 


I love dessert, my tribe, dogs, warm windy days, the sea, and finding the joy in the ordinary.

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Kathryn’s philosophy was developed from her extensive professional and personal experience, conducting hundreds of seminars and programs to create what she calls Mindful Emotional Regulation (MER). MER is grounded in Kathryn’s core belief that while we cannot always change what the world hands us, we can decide how we respond to it.


MER is a process of personal empowerment rooted in mindfulness as an essential component to understanding ourselves. It provides the tools to fully acknowledge and accept life exactly as it is, rather than how we wish it to be. Only then can we understand that we respond to our thoughts, not the circumstances.  This will enable us to heal and evolve as individuals with the awareness to fully appreciate the joys of life.

Kathryn speaks to organizations and businesses about how they can help team members understand their deepest potential contribution, the power of empathy at work, and what it means to be heard.

Kathryn works on a one-on-one basis with clients looking to find empowerment in empathy, tap the potential of kindness, and create narratives that disrupt the limiting cycles caused by past experiences.

Kathryn frequently advises leaders, companies, non-profits, and government agencies on the development of programs and policies rooted in acceptance, empathy and kindness that have far-reaching, organization-wide effects.

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“Kathryn’s work is a lifeline for those walking through the hardest times. She walks alongside those who are struggling, those on the verge of giving up, and rather than pulling them to safety herself, she teaches them to do it on their own. She walks with them from trauma to triumph, from despair to determination, and equips them with the skills needed to recognize that their lives are worth living.”

- Chris Johnson, CEO of Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness, Inc. 

"Our entire Mission Services Team participated in mindfulness and emotional regulation classes with Kathryn. The feedback from the team was amazing – they loved the classes, were totally engaged, and were able to use the skills she taught them in their lives. I could tell that the conversations we were having with our customers were changing them for the better. I would recommend these classes to anyone.  Kathryn proved to us that Wayne Dyer was right: 'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.'"

- Margie Genter, VP Mission Services at Goodwill Industries - Manasota, Inc.

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